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The gnittinK Room
Para-Digital Entanglements

a project by Rüdiger Schlömer

The gnittinK Room takes an experimental, process-based approach to knitting. Instead of aiming at the production of finished objects – a pair of socks, a scarf, a pullover – it explores alternative cross-connections. This includes pre- and post-digital methods of remix, sampling, cross-coding, fiber-cryptography and analogue computing.

What could serve as a knitting instruction that wasn’t meant to? What elements of the knitting process – notations, instruments, yarn patterns,  – bear a potential for alternative usages? What textile form could a twitter-feed be translated into? What kind of music could a sock yarn pattern generate?

The gnittinK Room looks at patterns and prototypes to re-think the common idea of knitting (and of digital practice in general). This includes pixel patterns, music notations, navigation protocols and algorithmic writings.

So far, TGR has been visiting at Wäscherei, Museum Bellerive, Zürich and at Social Kitchen, Kyoto … Let’s see what’s next! Join us on Ravelry or send your patterns or prototypes to input [at] the-gnittink-room [dot] net.